Alternatives to Traditional Design and Construction

Alternatives to Traditional Design and Construction



Creative and innovative design is not always wrapped in a high priced package.  As may be appropriate to provide for tighter budgets and schedules, FLA is well experienced in design with modular units as well as utilizing tilt-up for an array of occupancies and broad range of size and budget.  Modular units can be relocatable concrete individual units, or utilize SIP or insulated metal panel technologies, or can be several units of either fused together in a multitude of configurations, or can use use SIP  or metal insulated panel technologies.

You give us your needs, and we can provide a design solution that meets your budget and schedule without compromising function, efficiency or aesthetics.

Example 1:  The First Academy was designed and built within a 10 month schedule.  It includes a 2-story elementary school concrete modular units classroom building wing with poured in place Administration/Reception.

Example 2School Board of Sarasota County – Booker and Brookside Middle Schools, Pineville School and Brookside Elementary School.  Each of the schools included a modular units stacked and configurated as 2-story classroom wings.  With a total of 24 to 28 units, the wings include classrooms, teacher prep rooms, storage, janitor closets, comm rooms, restrooms, elevators and can be configure with either exterior walkways or interior corridors.  SF range from approx. 9,600 GSF to 30,000 GSF cost range from $1,320,000 to $2,400,000.  6 MONTHS DESIGN TO OCCUPANCY.

Example 3:  NASA purchased several concrete modular units for very different uses at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) including an Anti-Corrosion unit for storage, housing for the shuttle crawler, break room and gang toilet room.  Purchased separately, individual building units with accessible rooftops were built for various press agencies including AP, Orlando Sentinel and Florida Today.

Example 4:  National Semi Trailer Corporate Headquarters.  FLA designed the steel frame, metal panel, concrete floor building to include offices, restrooms, breakroom, storage conference room and reception.  The shell cost $671,500 to build and was finished 90 days after permit approval.