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Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida

Tupperware Brands Branch

Kissimmee, Osceola County, Florida



The Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida offers a safe haven for children during the after-school hours. FLA supported the vision of this organization by providing the design of a new building as a Gift-in-Kind service to replace their 30-year old facility. In addition, FLA also provided the renderings and presentation graphics to support the 3-year fundraising campaign.

FLA and the generous commitment of Tupperware Brands Corporation, Osceola County Government, Walt Disney World, the Edyth Bush Charitable Foundation and other key donors built this facility, filling a critical need for the community.

Vibrancy is the theme of the Boys and Girls Club, which includes a gymnasium, game room, technology lab, digital arts studio, kitchen, multipurpose space and offices.  A few months after opening, FLA joined other members of the community to put the finishes touches on the property by building a complete new playground.