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Gulf Coast State College Advanced Center


Advanced Technology Center

Gulf Coast State College, Panama City, Florida



The Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is a 3-story, 100,000 GSF facility featuring technology enriched programs including robotics, Autotronics, sustainable building technologies, architecture and engineering, alternative energies, Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Cyber-Security, Network Operations and Digital Arts suite housing the new GCSC Digital Media Bachelor of Arts program.  Structurally isolated the full suite includes the College’s complete broadcast green screen studio with recording booth.   Also housed in the ATC, the SDBC offers additional support for the entrepreneurial infused programs and spaces, such as the Millaway Entrepreneur Institute.  The Summit Board Room on the 3rd floor offers flexible, multi-use space for large events to small gatherings and board meetings, with 80′ multi-panel presentation screen donated by Panasonic as well as monitors within any sight line, all with a view of Panama City’s bay to the Gulf.  Directly adjacent is the green roof offering event break out space, demonstration/catering kitchen, outdoor seating with wind turbines and PV solar panels for teaching and demonstration, all overlooking the Port of Panama City and the Gulf bay.

It is highly unlikely one will find a robotic labs across the hall from a chocolate lab anywhere but at the ATC, where Culinary Arts is also a science.  With broad community outreach and participation, fundraising far exceeded expectations and the Culinary Arts program spaces, designed as a Phase 2 plug-in building addition to be constructed when funds became available, opened 2 months after substantial completion of Phase 1.   Included in Phase 2 are complete working restaurant kitchens with all stations expected with fine dining, including walk-in ice sculpting freezer, classroom, cameras and monitors with connectivity throughout, including the 3rd floor demonstration/catering kitchen and the Holley Dining Room, a student managed full service restaurant serving lunch and dinners.