Florida Architects

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Pensacola, Florida


The Pensacola State College’s beautiful new Baars Building was unveiled in April 2021. This 2-story, 23,839 SF state-of-the-art facility is the first phase of a $34 million STEM building project. The new facility replaces the existing 60-year-old Mary Ellison Baars Building on the Pensacola Campus. It was named in honor of the Baars family matriarch for making the original property available to the College.

The highly sophisticated Baars Building is home to an emerging technologies lab, math suite, computer and cyber forensics lab, cyber security, aviation maintenance, advanced manufacturing programs and other high-tech fields of study. 

FLA designs LEED® and Green Globes accredited buildings using the most innovative products, materials, and technologies available and their priority is to create state-of-the-art systems that provide the highest level of energy efficiency, air quality, comfort and cost-effectiveness. The PSC Baars Building is a Green Building Initiative with a projected goal of Three Globes Certification which is equivalent to LEED Gold Certification.