Florida Architects



It was with the utmost respect, remembrance and acknowledgment of the hardships, sacrifices and losses that our military families endured on our behalf, and to honor those who have pledged their service to our country, that Florida Architects, along with engineers Buchanan & Harper, Inc. and Schmidt Consulting Engineers, provided services-in-kind for the planning and design of Military Park.

The park features an outer brick wall of five points, representing the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and the Coast Guard and all of those who serve within those branches and in the Reserves, National Guard and Merchant Marines.  The inner brick paver walkway encircles a large tree and is interspersed with various monument plaques and brick pavers purchased by donors to recognize community supporters and individual service men and women. Military Park is an on-going project with inscriptions being installed annually.

The American flag waving from the 40-ft. pole is an impressive sight when crossing the Hathaway Bridge or from almost any point within a mile of the college. The Park is a place to remember, honor and reflect on those who have served and are currently serving our country at home and abroad.  A visual symbol of our patriotism and freedom, it represents the strong bonds between this community, the Military and the College.

Photo credit: The News-Herald, Panama City and talented photographer, Andrew Wardlow.